Directly helping Ukrainians in need

Aid Ukraine Direct is a private project to deliver aid to Ukrainians where it is required most; feeding and supporting those who are in desperate need of help. We have undertaken many trips supplying food, clothing, water filters, generators, housing, vehicles and essential medical supplies. To date we have delivered over £200,000 in aid.
Trip 23 Leaves on 17th May with family food boxes and lots of Trauma Teddies. We are looking for cars, drivers, and donations for transport costs

Aid Ukraine direct delivering food and aid to the Ukraine
Aid delivered
Water Filter
Systems sent
Boxes of medical aid
Children fed
About us

Humanitarian aid can make the difference

We are delivering fast and efficient aid to those most in need, who are not receiving sufficient aid from other sources

Aid Ukraine Direct - helping children in need in the Ukraine.

We have already delivered over 100 tons of aid to Kharkiv, Kherson, Bakhmut, Mariupol and other towns and villages in eastern Ukraine. We have also supplied 2 transportation vehicles and have funded the construction of a refugee sanctuary

No bureaucracy
No middlemen
No delays
Take a look at our video - Footage from the first two missions

"Is there no way of speeding things up? Children are dying from lack of food." Ukrainian aid worker

The goal, the mission and the team

To provide food, aid and other essential supplies in response to direct and specific requests from Ukrainians on the ground. Join us and help provide desperately needed aid to the people of Ukraine today.

We have a team of over 20 fantastic UK based volunteers all giving their time, resources and expertise to the project. They feed into a network of Pastors and volunteers stretching from Poland to Eastern Ukraine. The volunteers include Jeremy Nash, Nick Brown, Matt Bennett, Nick Waite, Nick Turner, Matthew Quarendon, Andrew Bailey, Mark Smith, Sarah Venners, Henry Venners, Nick Campolucci, Brand Woods, Linda Woods, Elliot Caldwell, David Badogos, Mark Webb.

At present we are operating as private individuals and are not a registered charity.

How Aid Ukraine Direct got started

The project started when a private couple, experienced in delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine, responded to a plea for help. They subsequently teamed up with David Collinson (founder of The Wild Wheelchairs Project and former executive of Pension Insurance Corporation). The team is supported through funds raised by Tracy Blackwell (CEO of Pension Insurance Corporation) and Arno Kitts (Founder of Perspective Investments) from a group of individuals ready and able to make substantial donations. The parents and staff of Reading School also joined the effort and raised substantial direct donations of food and supplies as did the congregation of a church in County Durham and the members of Ramgarhia Sabha Reading (Sikh Temple).

Join us and help the people of the Ukraine, today