Clean Water and Power!

We have delivered water filters and power systems

Clean Water and Power!

Clean water is one of the basic ingredients of life. With water treatment plants being damaged by shelling, and reports of wells being poisoned, clean water has become a priceless commodity. The reported Cholera outbreak in Mariupol is an example of what can happen when clean water isnt available.

We took out 800 water filters in April and via the Polish club of Southampton supplied a further 500 filters in May. B&Q kindly donated 500 buckets to be used in conjunction with the filters.

A few weeks later we received images and videos being used in Eastern Ukraine, and received a heartfelt thank you from the Medical teams in Mariupol who are battling the diseases arising from untreated water

We also supplied power banks and mini-generators - essential when power systems are damaged and unreliable. here are some pictures of them  in Kharkiv