April 3, 2022

January 2024 Update

January 2024 Update

As we approach the second anniversary of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine, we can report Trip 21 has been successfully completed, and Trip 22 leaves on 15th March. The count of family food boxes has reached 2,696 - that's nearly 2,700 individuals and their immediate families encouraged in such a difficult situation. All down to the hard work of our UK purchasers, packers and drivers.

In addition, large numbers of chocolate bars, teddy bears, Christmas toys, children's hats scarves and gloves, and new hoodies and sweatshirts, along with many other items, have made a huge difference in Kremenchug in the past couple of months. Children's parties, visits to military hospitals, food boxes to those on local social services' most vulnerable and needy lists...

We have heard in the past 48 hours of repeated large explosions in Kremenchug, and despite that Pastor Volodymyr and his team continue their constant work of aid distribution. We have just paid for essential repairs for his car. And it is very cold at the moment

We need more than anything money,  volunteer drivers (15 March for 6 days), and the loan of a big 3.5 tonne van. Please publicise our needs.

Please help if you can.