November 2023 Update

November 2023 Update

Yesterday we packed some 230 family food boxes in Lymington. There are a further 20 to be finished off and sealed bringing the total in Lymington to 250. James has 100 in Eastleigh. The delayed Trip 19 boxes totalling 220 boxes has now been successfully from Brittany to Eastern Poland, ready for onward delivery to Ukraine.

Nick and Rosie are preparing 80 boxes in Reading to be taken out on their one way Nissan pickup, which is off to be camouflaged near Kiev prior to military service.

So we have an amazing 660 boxes ready to make the journey to SE Poland and thence to Lviv and Kremenchug on November 30th.

On top of that I am predicting around a tonne of mainly new or very high quality used warm clothing for children and adults - hoodies, coats, scarves, hats and gloves.

We have 9 hopefully 10 drivers for the Dover to SE Poland run, but could do with one or two more volunteers. The menagerie is a Peugeot big 3.5 tonne van, Mercedes Vito, Peugeot 5008, and Audi Q7 from the Solent area, Nissan Navara from Reading, and Reneult Meganne (with a big trailer from Brittany). If our collections of clothes (Fareham, Reading, Lymington, Chandlers Ford) take us over our weight capacity, we will add an Audi A6 estate.

Packing 11 November

Distribution in Kremenchug 9th November