Trip 23

Trip 23

Trip 23 - 17th May 2024

In many ways this was a complicated experience! 3.9 tonnes of aid. 360+ family food boxes, a large number of boxes of clothes, a large number of boxes of toiletries for wounded Ukrainian soldiers in hospital, a 4x4 for the army along with 50 pairs of Wellington boots, camouflage ponchos, head torches and power packs. We had drivers from Belfast, Manchester, Hampshire and Dorset. Adventures included a late train for the ferry, a breakdown on a Polish motorway, a puncture to the hire van tyre…. But all the aid was delivered to our village in Poland, and the team had the privilege of spending time with and asking questions of Pastor Sasha who had come by train from central Ukraine to collect the 4x4.

Trips are now scheduled (for six days starting from Hampshire):

Trip 24 July 19th

Trip 25 September 13th

Trip 26 November 15th

We need volunteer drivers, vehicles, donations of money {provide link here}, people to go out and purchase food for the family food boxes, packers, clothes sorters and of course donations of food, clothes and toiletries. Please contact us for specifics if you are able to help.